Cheesesteak at The Walnut

In early 2010, I found myself in Philly, bouncing between lines in two opposing cheesesteak sandwich joints…Pat’s and Geno’s. Everyone around me would step to the counter and belt out “One American With” or “One whiz without.” Although, I’m a with kind of guy, I had to try a whiz without as well. Fortunately, they had speedy taxis to transport me back to my hotel.

To say I’m a fan of cheesesteak sandwiches would be an understatement, at best. I love a good Philly and at least 20 years ago, my favorite hangout was at Des Moines’ Philly’s Finest, a long-gone establishment that served not only the finest cheesesteaks this side of the Mississippi, but also a cheesesteak pizza, which was pretty good.

So, when The Walnut announced they were going to have cheesesteak on special this week, I had to check it out. The Walnut gets a lot of menu items right, and this specific special order did not disappoint.


The Walnut has become known, at least among my friend’s circle, as right-sized lunch platter portions. I’m never overly-full leaving their tables or bar, but I’m just full enough. That being said, the cheesesteak clocked in just slightly larger than their normal fair, but again, we’re talking about cheesesteaks, so this did not disappoint.


What you get is a great take on a classic. Yes, I did order their Creamy Garlic Mac & Cheese as a side, but it was Thursday, and that’s just something you do on a Thursday.

Let’s break down the cheesesteak:

  1. The steak was grilled just right. Not overly done, but just enough that you get a little rip to it.
  2. Green peppers and onions were flavorful and also grilled to perfection.
  3. Cheese was perfect, although, I think an interesting take would have been Cheeze Whiz.

Ultimately, the sandwich was incredibly satisfying, just like every other menu item I’ve tried there. The folks at The Walnut are doing it right. Hopefully, they add this to the regular menu for good, but in the meantime, get it while the gettin’ is good.

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