Talkin’ Tottenham Blues

In the ever-developing death spiral of Tottenham, apparently the club bosses decided the lads needed a few doses of the worst tasting medicine. Pochettino is out. For some unbelievable reason, Jose Mourinho is in as the club’s new manager.

I’m going with “a massive mistake.”

As much of a controversial move this is, what does Tottenham have to lose? Check out the board after Match Week 12.

Not ideal for Tottenham at all. (Side note, Chelsea looks great in the 3rd spot.) Three draws and two losses in the last five matches. Whew. That just spelled “Adios” for Pochee. Plus, for as strong of a club as Tottenham have been in the past few years, they could never win.

And although I’m not a Spurs supporter (Forever Blues. Blues Forever.), I know this song and dance from Jose’s time with Chelsea and then the unbelievable unraveling of ManUnited. And, I’m not the only one who’s calling this a mistake. Twitter (the world’s greatest destination for armchair quarterbacking) is literally losing its mind today.

But, you’ve got to give it to Mourinho. At the core, Jose is an incredible manager; likely one of the greatest, if:

  • He has a team willing to play his ways.
  • There are no outspoken players on the team that would go against Jose.
  • The team is literally a great team and can be motivated to win.
  • He’ll have money to spend (which Tottenham’s owners haven’t recently been willing to pass out the cash).

As an assistant coach in the mid-90’s, Porto and Barcelona were in impeccable style. His time leading Porto, Inter and two-runs with Chelsea, showed what he’s capable of. Then, you’ve got issues with his integration with Real Madrid and ManUnited that sour the track record.

But, the club has deeper issues with players, personnel and a composition that likely won’t fit with Jose’s managerial style.

Read more here:

Gulp! (Note: This is the Sun’s site, so readers be warned of some scandalous side bar ads.)

Gulp, gulp!

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

Godspeed, Spurs. Can’t imagine this dance with Jose will last more than two seasons, but maybe?!?!

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