Bring Out Ya’ Dead

Could they make it?
No one is feeling happy right now…

The saga with Bury FC, the expelled English League One team, continues.

As detailed in the BBC’s article:

A letter sent to the EFL, FA, and minister for sport demands a revamp.

And if reforms are not made, the government has been asked to intervene.

A three-page letter from Conservative MP Damian Collins, who is chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee, was also sent to Jonathan Taylor QC, who is overseeing an independent review of the regulations and procedures concerning the financial sustainability of clubs.

Collins has called for “urgent action” to prevent other clubs following Bury into financial trouble and added that the league has to “share the blame” for the Shakers’ turmoil.

Other major reforms recommended by the committee are:

  • The FA, EFL and Premier League should establish a supporters’ ombudsman to hear concerns about how clubs are being run.
  • Reformed owners’ and directors’ test would disqualify a buyer with record of corporate insolvency.
  • Clubs would be banned from borrowing against fixed assets such as stadiums.
  • Formal and enforceable licensing system for professional English football clubs, as recommended in 2011 report on Football Governance.

Bury’s troubles in depth – Read more here.

Financial issues are just specific to Bury, or even Bolton (a team that somehow hasn’t earned the ire of the pundits). Outrageous spending is a real thing, and the Premier League doesn’t really carry salary caps. Between expensive stadiums, growing player purchases and other aspects of the game, there are tons of teams that have toed the line of becoming insolvent. Meanwhile, this may be the end of Bury FC. Time will tell. Its a real shame for the town and its supporters.

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