Match Week 13 Recap

I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, you’re putting out your recap clearly on a Sunday night and scheduling it for post on Monday.”


“And you’re not even waiting for Newcastle United and Aston Villa to finish their Week 13 match.”

Nope, but here’s a spicy Aston Villa meme to make it all feel better.

And, yes, I realize Burnley has a full 7 points on Aston Villa, but those home kits are basically the same, though AVFC wears ’em better and West Ham United wears ’em best.

All better? With Manchester City’s defeat over Chelsea, both teams basically flip-flopped in the table. Still, Chelsea has 7-points against the 5th team, Wolverhampton. Leicester City has been on fire, but one could argue their recent five matches have been a drop in the bucket for this attacking and aggressive club. Still they sit 8 points behind the leaders, Liverpool, who had me a little worried for a moment against Crystal Palace. Would have thought that match would have carried another goal or two for Liverpool.

Here’s what I find most interesting right now, the 5th through 11th place are separated by three points. Those seven teams can have a lot of leaps and jumps within that tier. And, you’re 12th through 16th ranks are separated by two points. That’s wild. And, a good reminder that at this point in the season, it really is any club’s season. (Though Liverpool are still far enough ahead that they will likely be the 2020 champs.)

Looking ahead to next week, Manchester City, Liverpool and Leicester City should all pull in three points easily. I’m going to be tugging out my hair when West Ham visit Chelsea. My heart says Chelsea, but my mind says draw. I’m also anticipating that Mourinho takes victory for another week with the Spurs against Bournemouth, but we’ll see. Sundays’ show down with Sheffield United at the Wolves should be a real alley fight, too.

All times are Eastern

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