West Ham Has Got the Goods

Here’s a thing that bugs the socks off of me. When Nike took over jerseys for Chelsea, they must have put a clause in the contract that said something to the effect of:
“Anything cool you’re selling now, you can’t sell any longer and all merch must have some level of co-branding from Nike. By the way, we, Nike, have no business making soccer merch.”

I say this because over the past few seasons, the storefront and the merch have gone the way of snooze-ville. So, in the spirit of acknowledging the clubs that are doing it right, let’s focus first on West Ham United. The Hammers are simply brilliant at this thing and clearly understand what their supporters want.

A Christmas e-Catalogue? Take notes Nike (wait, I don’t really want any more Nike garbage products)
That’s just amazing, even if the World Cup is only for national teams.

Want a t-shirt? Their shop has 49 of them, with sizes up to 4XL. What? You hear that Nike, 4XL and that is a regular 4XL, not some weird “slim fit” version.

There are also 36, incredibly diverse and unique supporters scarves available. You can even buy West Ham United-branded Toblerone. TOBLERONE. They have a confections section to their store.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out why Nike believes my best option for a hoodie should have a giant SWOOSH on it with CHELSEA FC in small print below.


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