The Honest #Truth about #Tottenham

McKayla only acts unimpressed

Here’s the thing, at the core, Tottenham Hotspurs are an incredible team. For all the joking around and dogging on the early season blunders, Tottenham have all the assets to give any team in the Premier League (and the Champions League) a real run for their money. And under Jose Mourinho, they’re going to become a colossal force to be reckoned with again.

Past 5 Premier League Matches (as of 12/3)

Before October 27, there was a draw against Watford, a loss to Brighton, a loss to Bayern, a draw with Colchester (Football League Cup Third Round), a loss to Leicester City, a draw with Olympiacos, etc., etc., etc.

The main criticisms of this season’s team has been:

  • Inconsistency in match-ups: Up until Mourinho stepped in, they win, they lose, they draw. Part of this is due to the inconsistency of the composition of the team on field. Mourinho will iron that out. Prior to Mourinho, there had been 94 games where Pochettino ran an unchanged team, which appeared to ruin morale among the team.
  • The mid-field still needs sorting. Dele Alli and Eriksen still play too deep in the field to really improve their chances at the box.
  • Their injured goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has had a delay in return to play and that has impacted their core defense.
  • They’ll need to take the domestic cups more seriously. You can’t just focus on wins in the Champions League.
  • Winning with clean sheets will be a good indicator of the quality of the team. If they can start clearing matches 2-0 or 3-0, it will be a good sign that this is all turning around.

I think that based on what we’ve seen across just a handful of matches, the Spurs are on their way.

The club is starting to get back to its original form. Tottenham holds 5th place, tied with the Wolves, and is six points off Chelsea. It’s reasonable that Tottenham could be a Top 3 team by the end of the season.

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