#USL teams that are doing it right.

Yes, another post about the #USL

Honestly, as a subscriber to ESPN+, I’m stoked to watch USL Championship and USL1 teams this season. And, in my opinion, there are a bunch of teams doing the right things to engage their club and community.

The Fun Teams: Here are a few teams that just look like a riot to follow and really build that fan experience.

  • Forward Madison FC: Are you part of the Flock? Seriously, try to wander this site and not fall in love with FMFC. You know you want to be a ‘Mingo. They have built something incredibly unique in this Wisconsin town and they’ll prove they’re no novelty.
  • Las Vegas Lights FC: What do you think of when you think of the Vegas strip? All of the lights have to come to mind. This colorful club is bringing a sense of energy to the community with the team’s choice of colors, but it is also building on the right foot with strong media content on the site and engaging social media. Almost makes me want to fan from afar. Considering Vegas is one of my favorite cities anyway, the odds are pretty good that I’ll catch a match in the near future.
  • New Mexico United: Forget for a moment my dissing of “state” named clubs. Honestly, New Mexico United rolls of the tongue better than any specific community in the state, other than maybe Santa Fe United. Regardless, this team took it to the near-end of Sirius XM’s battle of the jerseys and brought a killer look to the world competition. Again, what the team is doing with social media is creating a buzz and giving their supporters something to really sink their teeth into.

The Historical Names: These are the teams that are drenched in history and are leveraging it with their supporters.

  • Birmingham Legion FC: Yep, they dropped the city and are now just “Legion FC”, but they kept the iconic crest nearly the same. Honestly, they haven’t been around that long, but don’t let that confuse you. Just check out the “about the crest” pic from their site which drums up all sorts of historical feels.
  • Charleston Battery: Founded in 1993, the Battery is one of the oldest continuously operating professional soccer clubs in the United States, tied with the Richmond Kickers. To draw on history, check out their “Behind the Battery” web series.
  • Charlotte Independence: They’ve been around since 2014, but that doesn’t stop they from pushing that historical perspective. They have a whole section on their American Legion Memorial Stadium. Not too shaby.

The Player’s Teams: These are teams that put the players front and center.

  • Saint Louis FC: Just look at their website. That’s a nice large and literal image of Forward Kyle Grieg. The roster is front and center and news includes hot updates on signings and player status.
  • Hartford Athletic: Much like SLFC, player news and information is front and center. Video content on the site focuses on performance and recaps.

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