TGIST (Thank Goodness Its Spring Training)

At last, the first of the Spring Training games are upon us, and baseball fans across the country are filled with hope that their baseball club have what it takes to make it to October and even a championship.

I’ve got the Mets/Cardinals game on, but this all a preview to 7pm, when we get the first Cubs Sprint Training game against the A’s. The Marquee Network has all the coverage and if you’re in Des Moines, you’ll find it on Channel 768 on Mediacom or on DirecTV or Hulu.

Tomorrow, the Cubbies face the Dodgers and from all initial looks, LA looks strong this season.

While we’re on the topic, New Era rolled out new Spring Training caps, which are a mash-up of the home and away logos. While some look reasonable, what was the thought on the Cubs’ cap?

That’s a lot of look

But, on the other hand, the Blue Jays and the Yankees seemed to have gotten it right with a more straight-forward design with heavier contrasts and a better blend in their designs.


Premier League – Match Day 13

All times above are EST.

This weekend will be a big weekend for Chelsea in the head-to-head with ManCity. Seems like Chelsea has the right momentum going, but considering how young of a team they are, I’d watch out for surprises. Chelsea’s draw against Ajax two weeks ago, shows what they’re capable of and ManCity is coming off of a draw against Atalanta and then a solid licking from Liverpool last week.

Liverpool and Leicester City should have easy walks to up their points in the standings.

Sheffield United and ManUnited will be a brawl, but considering the troubles with ManUnited, I’m going with Sheffield in the win (it won’t be a blow-out, though).

I’d also love to see West Ham give it to Tottenham, but that will only happen if the Spurs continue to unravel. West Ham has unfortunately been headed in the wrong direction with 4 losses in the past five matches. Can’t say the Spurs have been much better though.

Arsenal should be able to handle Southhampton, but it should be a fascinating match to watch, regardless.

Wolves and Bournemouth will be another interesting match-up. Both teams look approximately equally-matched. I’m anticipating a low scoring game and potentially a draw.